3 Foods and Drinks That Are Great For Your Teeth

There are plenty of foods and drinks that are bad for our teeth, particularly those containing sugar, however there are also foods and drinks that are great for your teeth that can help to counteract the effects so you can eat a balanced diet including the foods you love. We’re here to introduce a few of them to you, so you can incorporate them into your diet easily to protect your teeth. They aren’t really rogue or specific foods that will be hard to find, but easily accessible ones that you will definitely find in any small food shop or large supermarket.

Dairy Products

The first group of foods that are good for your teeth are dairy products. Foods like yoghurt, cheese and milk are known to contain high amounts of calcium, which protects and strengthens the enamel on the teeth to reduce tooth decay. It’s best to avoid dairy products that are also high in sugar or fat, such as very sweet yoghurts or very high fat cheeses, as this can counteract the positive effects.

Snacking on things like Greek yoghurt, slices of cheese and milk based drinks can help to keep your teeth nice and strong! If you’re vegan and want to have a high calcium intake, replace dairy products with things like edamame, tofu and miso. Most plant based milks and yoghurts are fortified with calcium too, so you’ll likely be naturally getting your intake!

Crunchy Vegetables

Another great food for your teeth is crunchy vegetables. Things like celery, carrot sticks, cucumbers and peppers are all naturally high in vitamins and minerals which support healthy oral health, and the fact that they’re crunchy and require a lot of chewing helps to naturally clean the teeth and increase the flow of saliva, so you’re removing food particles and bacteria.

If you’ve had any cosmetic work done, just double check with your cosmetic dental clinic to ensure that you’re okay to eat them. Most treatments like veneers and composite bonding act like your normal teeth so there should be no issues at all, however, if you have something like dentures, you may need to be more careful.


Lastly, we have a very simple one, water! Water is fantastic for our teeth, as it helps to remove some of the food and bacteria build up from the teeth and mouth throughout the day. This definitely doesn’t replace the need to brush or floss, however, it makes it harder for plaque to build until you can brush properly in the morning or evening. Water also encourages the mouth to produce more saliva, again helping to wash away harmful bacteria and keep the mouth healthy.

So, aim to drink water throughout the day, especially after you’ve eaten or drunk something. If you have anything like Invisalign aligners, you will need to brush after eating or drinking anything other than water.